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Nanoparticle-assisted delivery of immunomodulators reprogramming the immune system in IBD

Workpackage: WP4

Micro-immunotherapy is an immunomodulation therapy in which low doses of immunomodulators are used to readjust the immune response. The objective is to restore the immune system’s ability to prevent infection or to limit the immune system’s response when the latter is inappropriate (as in IBD). When administered intranasally in combination with IL-2, nanoparticles have been used to reverse immune system tolerance and induce the rapid clearance of implanted tumors. In the treatment of IBD, lowering the immune system’s activity is of interest, and nanoparticle-assisted micro-immunotherapy is a promising approach. The nanoparticles will be combined with (amongst other treatments) low doses of the IL-10 family members, in order to reprogram the immune system towards an anti-inflammatory profile. Overall effects on immunity and gut inflammation will be examined.