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Understanding and Treating Inflammatory Diseases

LIRIC develops international-level research in the field of inflammatory conditions. Its objective: to understand the mechanisms of inflammation and to develop new treatment solutions.
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At the heart of one of the largest European hospital complexes

LIRIC brings together many complementary teams around common scientific goals - a key asset to address the complexity of inflammatory diseases and an innovation accelerator for patient care.
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140 researchers

Organized in open, cross-disciplinary teams to study inflammatory conditions, with the objective of providing new specific treatment solutions for patients.
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Severe alcoholic hepatitis: Restoring the anti-infectious capacities of patients

The activity of certain immune cells in charge of antimicrobial control is impaired for those who have chronic inflammation linked to excessive and chronic alcohol consumption. By deciphering one of the key mechanisms of this phenomenon, researchers are paving the way for a future therapeutic application.



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