Chameroy Virginie

virginie chameroy

Virginie CHAMEROY PhD, DR Inserm

Infinite - U1286
Inserm | Univ. Lille | CHU Lille
Faculté de Médecine – Pôle Recherche, 4e étage Centre
Place Verdun, F-59045 Lille Cedex

Tel: +33 3 20 62 35 84


Virginie Chameroy obtained her PhD degree in medical Imaging in 1990 from the University of Paris Sud, and her Accreditation to supervise research (HDR) in 1997. She obtained a tenure position at Inserm in 1994.

After some years, devoted to medical imaging projects at Inserm in Paris, she moved toward the Technology Transfer Department of Inserm in 2000 where she was in charge of the technology transfert of medical technology files.

In 2004 she joined the Regional Delegation of Inserm at Lille, with enlarge responsibilities in technology transfer, in partnership and in European project management. She became the deputy delegate there.

In 2014, she joined the U995 laboratory headed by Pierre DESREUMAUX to pilot the newly created center, the LIRIC. She contributed to the strategic management of the Center. She piloted and coordinated the administrative management of the LIRIC, the human and financial resources. She supported the setting up of projects. She coordinated the animation of scientific life. She ensured the internal and external communication of the Unit.

In 2020, she is continuing her commitment to the service of the U1286 INFINITE unit led by Laurent DUBUQUOY and David LAUNAY, in the piloting, coordination, management and animation of the INFINITE laboratory.