Fibrosis in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases : from pathophysiology to innovative treatment

The Institute for Translational Research in Inflammation (INFINITE U1286 ULille |Inserm | CHU Lille), in collaboration with the translational gastroenterology laboratory of the Interdisciplinary Center for Biomedical Research (GIGA)  from the University of Liège | CHU Liège directed by Prof. Edouard LOUIS, organizes an International Symposium

The scientific event will bring together national and international experts on fibrosis complicating chronic inflammatory diseases (MIC) over one day. Fibrosis is a major health problem in modern societies. It is a complication of a broad spectrum of chronic diseases including IBD and it has a significant impact on morbidity and mortality, mainly due to organ dysfunction. Almost 45% of deaths in the developed world are attributable to fibrosis. However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms leading to fibrosis in MICs are far from fully understood. The consequence is the virtual absence of approved treatment, contrasting with the major impact of this complication

INFINITE has among its research themes the understanding of the mechanisms of fibrosis complicating chronic inflammatory diseases in order to lead to innovative treatments

The translational gastroenterology laboratory of the GIGA research center (ULiège) focuses on understanding the pathophysiological aspects of inflammatory bowel diseases and their consequences, such as intestinal fibrosis.

Provisional Program

Fibrosis symposium provisional program 210602

The registration is free but mandatory.

Event Date 29/06/2021
Event End Date 29/06/2021