Immunity, Inflammation and Fibrosis in Auto- and Allo-Reactivity

Our research activities aim at understanding the pathophysiology of auto- and alloimmune inflammatory diseases and their complications, especially fibrosis.  The team is composed of 2 groups : NEMESIS (multilple sclerosis and neuroinflammatory diseases), and FIRE (role of the immune system in fibrosis of inflammatory diseases, especially SSc and cGvHD)

Lines of research

Our research activities are divided in two groups:

  • Fire group:

  • Nemesis group:

Close collaboration with the clinical teams

Our research teams work in close collaboration with the clinical departments of Neurology, Internal Medicine and Hematology at Lille University Hospital in the framework of the FHU IMMINeNT.

Such close work with health care teams allows us to develop translational and clinical research, further reinforced by the contributions of the Institute of Clinical Immunology (Institut d’immunologie clinique).

Our research program benefits from direct access to a significant cohort of patients treated by our clinical partners.

Main publications

FIRE : Scientific articles

1. Forestier A, Guerrier T, Jouvray M, Giovannelli J, Lefèvre G, Sobanski V, Hauspie C, Hachulla E, Hatron PY, Zephir H, Vermersch P, Labalette M, Launay D, Dubucquoi S*. Altered B lymphocyte homeostasis and functions in systemic sclerosis. Autoimmun Rev 2018 Mar;17(3):244-255. (IF : 8.961)

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